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General Information

Thank you for volunteering to judge at SnoCon! On this page you can find the information you need to run games smoothly, and to report your games so that the players can get their rewards as well.

As a small token of thanks, each judge is entitled to one free game for each game judged, or four free Markeplace certs for each game judged..

Before the Game

Signing up

Please register with Warhorn (see the SnoCon main page for the appropriate link) and sign up for the game schedule you've been given. DO NOT change this without first talking to the Coordinator! As the con starts, there are sometimes rearrangements necessary, and the coordinator and staff appreciate your flexibility.


In general, on the first day of the slot, all games, players, and judges will start by joining a single chat room, usually "SnoCon Muster". From there, you will be assigned a chat room, and players will be dispatched there. While this can be a little chaotic, it makes juggling tables and players easier when the inevitable APL mismatch, or other table size or composition problems arise. There will always be a "muster monkey" assigned to sort things out - please defer to him or her.

Once you and your players are in your own chat room, you can meet there the next day (if it's a two-day game) without going through another muster room.


Running the Game


The default is to run the game using AOL (tm) Instant Messenger chat rooms and, if desired, Google (tm) shared spreadsheets. If *all* of the players at the table agree, you may use an alternate method.

Handouts and Maps

Handouts and maps may be available at - check with the coordinator.

Certificates for players will be handled by the Coordinator. Judges should NEVER distribute certificates for SnoCon games.


Certificates for players will be handled by the Coordinator. Judges should NEVER distribute certificates for SnoCon games.



Reporting the Game

The SnoCon Coordinator sends out game summaries and ceritificates for each game run.

In order to ensure that each player gets the appropriate rewards, and in case of later questions, each GM must provide the following information for his game:

Templates to make this easier are at GM_report_template.xlsx (Office 2007 version) or GM_report_template.xls (Windows 2003 and earlier version).

Note: All reports MUST be submitted within 3 days of the end of the game.


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