SnoCon is a small private RPGA Game Day held at irregular intervals in Snohomish, WA. Admission is by
preregistration only. For information, please contact the convention coordinator at

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SnoCon 2005

Dates and events. These can change; send email to request the latest information.
VI July 2, 2005 (Online) LD Holiday in Ireland
L SJ17 Jaded Life
LSJ22 To Wake the Soul
VII July 31, 2005 (Online) LD Medicine Quest (2 rounds)
LSJ20 On a Wing and a Prayer (2 rounds)
LSJ21 Grimm Evidence
VIII July 12, 2005 (Online)   LA-SP3-17 No Quarter
IX July 20, 2005 (Online)   LA-SP3-08 As Lizards' Stings
LSJ05 Help Wanted!
X July 28, 2005 (Online)   LF Plea Bargain
LF Polarization 1: Challenge
LF Polarization 2: Revelations
LF Polarization 3: Showdown
XI August 7, 2005 (Online)   LA-SP1-02 Children of the Leviathin
XII September 12-13, 2005 (Online)   LA-SP3-12 Virtue's Crypt
LA-SP3-14 Lusting Leeward
LSJ09R Down and Out in the Shining Jewel (2 rounds)
LSJ19 Ties that Bind
LSJ28 Until Proven Innocent
XIII October 16, 2005 (Online)   LA-SP3-19 Perchance to Dream
LD Reign of Terror
LF For Every Action 1: Preemptive Strike
LF For Every Action 2: Counterstrike
LF For Every Action 3: Strike III
LSJ26 Tooth and Claw
XIV October 2, 2005 (Onlne) LF Plea Bargain
LF Polarization 3: Showdown
XV October 28, 2005 (Online) LA-SP3-14 Lusting Leeward
XVI December 2, 2005 (Online)   LF Hunting the Wyrd
XVII December 30, 2005 (Online) LA-SP2-02 Senator's Seal
XVIII December 31, 2005 (Online)   LA-HP2-03 Where Illir's Light Has Never Shone
LSJ Lions, Tigers, and Bears


Previous SnoCon / EndCon events

Note: SnoCon was previously called EndCon, as the coordinators lived in Endwell, NY before moving to Snohomish, WA.

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