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A sharp-eyed traveler can find the brown-and-black sign with a stylized "A" at the entrance to this alley, quietly whispering its name as "Onara Way ". Here the careful shopper may find a bargain bartering with his fellow travelers, or gain some cash from them by the sale of goods of his own.

Traders, enter and seek! But beware .... for the guards of the bazaar do not often patrol the side lanes, and have naught to do with the transactions therein.

Items for Sale

Items Wanted

Onara Way is a board for buying and selling tradeable Living Arcanis certificates. To list your items to sell or items you wish to buy, send email to . Items will be added to this webpage as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours) of the receipt of the email. The information needed is:

Note: Because of campaign rules relative to having multiples of certain items, the street market entries can include spoiler information such as the module the item is from, and its use restriction. Please respect the purpose for which the lists are intended, and limit your exposure to the spoilers.

You may contact the buyer or seller directly to negotiate a price for the item. If the item is bought or sold, please send an email to so that it may be taken off the list.

Concluding the purchase or trade: Buyer and Seller need to make their own arrangements for concluding the purchase or trade. The Coordinator does NOT verify, endorse, or guarantee the transactions.


Items for Sale

Warning: possible spoiler information below.

Items greyed out are items currently in negotiation - they will either be restored or deleted, depending on whether the buyer and seller come to an agreement.


Item name:
Market Price:
Use Restriction:
Trader: <name, email, or initials>

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