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Inside the large, open building, brown-and-black sign with a stylized "A" hangs from the high rafters to the right of the huge double entrance doors, directing the shopper to the area in which Onaran merchants and craftsmen have set up their booths. Here a shopper can find ready-made magic of all varieties, or, if none catches his fancy, the armorers and weaponsmiths, alchemists and wizards, willing to enchant or enhance their wares - or yours. A small section is even set aside for those who wish to do their own work.

Come and see - come and buy!

The Living Arcanis Marketplace is available twice-yearly for the convenience of online players in that campaign. This is a regular Marketplace, so all items in the Living Arcanis Marketplace Package document are available, and items created through Magic Item Creation may be certed.

To participate in the Marketplace:

When all of the information and payment have been received, the SnoCon Coordinator will create the certs and a logsheet entry, and mail them back to you.

Note that request processing is likely to be done about once a week, so if you have a special need for faster turnaround, please state that in your email and we will try to accomodate your request.

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