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General Information

At dawn the gates swing open and they begin to arrve. Travelers with gold and silver, those who wish to find a bargain, and sometimes, those who wish to look and dream. They all come to the bazaar - to that wonderful place where magic and mystery abound, where the unattainable may be, for a price, finally within grasp.

Down the long dusty length of Gate Street, soon to be filled with hurrying buyers, can be seen the Emporium. This is where the merchants and craftsmen with valuables set up their booths, within the safe walls of the tall building. The guards cluster here, eyeing each buyer, ensuring the transactions within. To this building come those wishing safety - but there are no bargains inside.

No, the bargains are down the Lanes, off Gate Street, and between the vendors of more mundane or less dear goods. Down those lanes travelers meet with other travelers, and consummate bargains. Most of the time the transactions are well-done - but let the buyer beware.

SnoCon is pleased to host both official Marketplaces (Emporium) and informal trading boards (Street Market). For details, see each below.


Living Arcanis Marketplace

The wonders of the World are here, at your very fingertips! Goods from Coryan and Milandir, to the Hinterlands Steppes, the Altherian Peninsula, and through the Blessed Lands to the far Khitani Empire. Or you may find space to make your own!

Starting in May, 2007, and roughly every six moths thereafter, SnoCon is pleased to offer an online Marketplace for players of the Living Arcanis campaign. Rules for participation can be found at Living Arcanis Marketplace.


Street Market

Note: Because of campaign rules relative to having multiples of certain items, the street market entries can include spoiler information such as the module the item is from, and its use restriction. Please respect the purpose for which the lists are intended, and limit your exposure to the spoilers.

Onara Way

Ever prowl the back streets of Old Coryan looking for a bargain? Come to Onara Way, where the spirit of Old Coryan lives!

During the time that the Living Arcanis Marketplace is offered, SnoCon also offers the service of listing certed items for trade or purchase between individual players. Items and rules can be found at Onara Way. Note that the SnoCon Coordinator does NOT broker the transactions and is not responsible for any problems with them.



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